Professional Storm Damage Mitigation for Homes in Port Stanley, ON

When you have an emergency storm damage situation occurring, it’s critical to take action right away prior to it getting worse.

Restoration 1 has a dedicated storm damage clean-up staff that can handle all damages, sanitation and restoration. Our crew of professional contractors provides efficient services throughout Port Stanley, ON. Storm damage repair services are one of our focal points and we are proud of delivering superior results. We’ll take much care in preserving as much of your property as possible while getting rid of pooled water, charred remnants and moisture. Don’t wait for an emergency to turn into a fiasco, contact our expert storm removal service crew right away.

Storm damage remediation is a demanding project that involves a considerable amount of work in order to completely repair your property and avoid further devastation. If a thorough storm mitigation initiative isn’t implemented, then your property’s structure could get badly damaged. Our storm damage restorations are handled with great attention to detail to ensure that all areas receive the proper treatment. You can restore comfort and security to your property once more with the help of our reliable service experts.


Wrecked walls, floors, baseboards, doors and other kinds of residue will have to be removed from the premises.


Reconstructing damaged structures will be finished to strengthen your house.


Quick and efficient restoration to bring your home back to a normal condition.

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Prompt Storm Damage Response

The team at Restoration 1 wants your residence to be restored to normal, so our contractors are here to take care of the devastation for you. We use industry-grade equipment to revive and fix your residence after any type of storm damage. Our experts can reroof your house, remove water or perform an entire structural drying.

It’s crucial to remove storm damage on your property at once. If performed incorrectly, damaged spots are exposed to future wreckage. When we restore homes, we analyze the total state of the area that has been damaged by the storm.

In the unfortunate scenario you do find yourself in this position, there’s no need for concern, Restoration 1 is available to assist. With many franchises spread throughout the country, Restoration 1 will pull together and help fix any residence that’s been damaged by a harsh storm. Stabilizing structures are essential for any residence that has been through any type of storm, and we take care of this as well. Restoration 1 restoration specialists take care of various services to make your house habitable in no time.

Moreover, interiors can be wrecked by extreme storms just like the outside. Decaying surfaces and wet sub flooring and carpet are some other issues that you may experience after a monumental storm. Hazardous storm damages can create catastrophes whether it was generated by heavy rains, violent winds or ice storms.

By utilizing Restoration 1’s services, you have a devoted team on your side.

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