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Mould should always be handled by an expert because of how it can affect your health and the way it damages your property. Restoration 1 is here to help out London, ON, and eliminate mould from your property. Our staff of professionals has the experience and skills to locate, test and determine the kind of mould that’s growing in your space. Then our technicians can mitigate the damages and eliminate the spores by using the correct methods. Restoration 1 is devoted to making your house safe again. If you’ve detected any mould developing in your property, or you think it’s there, call our experienced staff so that we can remove it.

Dim spaces and lack of ventilation is where mould grows. Moreover, it can develop and grow without you even noticing it, and water damage can bring about mould growth as well. When this occurs, you need to hire a technician who specializes in mould removal services in order to make your property safe. It’s essential to get this taken care of before it causes more long-term problems.


Pinpointing the area of mould is an important, first step in removal.


Analyzing the type of growth you have in your property gives us a good idea of how to eliminate the issue.


Disposing of the mould and correctly cleaning the space will make livable conditions.


Repairing damages and renovating the infected areas will bring your property back to its original state.

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Mould can be a common problem with most houses in London, ON. A lot of times mould could be growing and thriving and causing damage to your property and creating major health concerns for your family. Restoration 1 is your finest mould removal and restoration company.

The common mould spore is widespread in nature and can come into your home from shoes, clothing, pet fur or travel in on the wind. Even though it’s harmless at this point, when given the ideal setting, mould spores can grow rapidly. After 72 hours, neglected water damage will produce heavy mould growth. Get rid of the dangerous effects of mould in your house and have the service experts with Restoration 1 to dispose of it efficiently, clean the infected area and renovate your space to its original state.

To correctly eradicate the mould, our crew seals off the contaminated area, stopping the mould from being airborne. Then, our service contractors get rid of the extremely affected areas and sterilize the remaining space with effective anti-microbial treatments. We then use specialized machines to clean and remove the mould spores from the air. You can count on us to provide you high-quality mould removal, mitigation and restoration services.

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